Easy Wine Pairings for Pork Dishes

a woman drinking wine

For meat lovers, having the right beverage to enjoy favorite pork dishes can make or break a meal. While some prefer simple drinks, others would like a more flavorful adventure by pairing wine with their swine.

Others would go for the usual rule of thumb of red wine with red meat and white wine for white meats. But for many wine lovers out there, this doesn’t always apply, and there are many kinds of fine wine choices that can elevate the porky gustatory experience. The Purple Pig tells us more.

How Do You Like Your Pork?

When picking out a bottle of wine to enjoy pork with, always consider how it is cooked and served. Is it roasted, boiled, stewed, pickled, fried, sauced, herbed, spiced or any of the myriad ways’ pork can be thoroughly enjoyed?

Pork is actually considered a very interesting white meat since it can take on an enhanced taste according to what goes into its preparation. Generally, because of its underlying sweetness of flesh, it is reputedly best enjoyed with light to medium bodied wines with a lot of fruitiness, low tannins, and the right acidity to cut through the expected fattiness.

Roast Pork

Red wine is usually expected to accompany succulent roast pork dishes, but we can also excite our palate with a good white wine. The fruitiness of Chardonnay would best bring out the juicy sweetness of roasted pork, along with Pinot Gris or a Sauvignon Blanc.

However, red wine lovers can expect satisfaction with a smooth Pinot Noir, a Garnacha, Sangiovese or Chianti. Stay away from Cabernet or Shiraz, as these will drown out and overwhelm the delicate taste of pork.

Spicy and Savory Barbecues and Pulled Pork

One would normally have a cold mug of beer with these backyard and picnic favorites, but others would like to explore a glass of wine (or two!) for these tasty treats. With marinades and sauces, it’s tricky picking a good bottle to accompany the explosion of flavors as one can expect for barbecues and pulled pork recipes such as Lorraine Pascale’s.

To balance the culinary experience, you can’t go wrong with cool, crisp fruity whites such as Semillon, Riesling, or even a sweet Moscato. For red wine fans, Pinot Noir, Tempranillo, Sangiovese, and Merlot complements the play of intense flavors on your palate.

Fried Bacon

Pork with Sauces, Curries, and Stews

Comfort food such as pork cooked and served with mouth-watering creamy sauces become more than simple, hearty meals with the perfect wine. White wine Chardonnay works well on pork with mushroom sauce and other sweeter sauces.

Meanwhile, the right choice for spicy curries would depend on the weight, texture, and flavor of the dish. Red wines Pinot Noir, Shiraz, and Grenache, are recommended, but a fresh Rose would work just as well, for those who would like a lighter wine experience. Rich, filling stews, would do nicely with sweet white wine Moscato, Rose, Riesling or fruitier Spanish reds such as Navarra.

Of course, whatever your choice would be for the right accompaniment to your favorite pork recipe, all can be ultimately considered a matter of personal taste and enjoyment. And should you prefer an expert opinion to hone your tastes, there are good restaurants with an excellent menu of pork dishes and wine pairing selections.